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Candle Care 101

These tips are meant to be a guide, which will ensure the maintenance and longevity of your candles, as well as candle safety.

Wax 101

The first burn is the most important burn of all! When you first light your candle, ensure you have at least an hour or two to let it melt all the way to the outter edge of the candle vessel. This means that you should have one clean wax pool that covers the entire area inside of the vessle. 

By doing this, you will avoid wax tunneling. This means your candle life will be extended and it will look more visually appealing. Win-win 🏆.

Soy wax has a 'melt memory' and it will be difficult to get a full wax melt if it hadn't been achieved previously. So let's make sure we burn to edge folks.

**Safety Note** do not burn your candles for more than 4 hours maximum! Carbon will collect on the wick and create a 'mushroom' effect. This makes the wick unstable and could create large flames, dark soot around the candle vessle, and smoke to be released into the air. 

Wicks 101

Always trim your wick 1/4 of an inch before lighting! We trim the wicks for you initially so you can just light away, but after that first burn, make sure your are trimming. Again, this avoids the 'mushroom' effect at the tip of your wick, which in turn avoids smoke, soot and large flames🔥.

If you want a clean trim, have a look at our candle care set in store!

This goes without saying but always remember to extinguish the flames properly. This could mean blowing them out or using a candle snuffer, but please ensure your candles are extinguished when you are not around or at and around 4 hours of burn time. Your safety is the number one priority.

**Safety Note** NEVER, under any circumstances, leave your lit candles unattended. If you are feeling sleepy, extinguish them. If you are going to be in another part of your house, blow them out. If you are leaving your house all together, ensure they are extinguished!

As always, enjoy your candles and burn responsibly.