Our Values

At Lunar Love, we do our best to ensure our actions and intentions align with our values.

Integrity - doing what we say we'll do and acting in accordance to the lifestyle we promote.

Authenticity - showing up as our authentic selves and encouraging others to do the same by creating a safe space of self-expression and possibility.

Spirituality - expressing beliefs clearly while making an inclusive space for others to explore their own faith/beliefs. 

Creative Freedom - the freedom to creatively express ourselves and attract others who value the same thing.

Respect & Kindness - expressing ourselves while being kind and respectful towards others and their beliefs. Also setting healthy boundaries and being clear on what is and is not acceptable. Within this realm comes kindness for furry, feathered and scaled friends on this planet. We do our best to advocate for animals and provide a percentage of sales to local animal welfare organizations.

Community - Being a supportive, conscious & contributing member of society. Being an ally with other small businesses and community networks.

Sustainability - being cautious and concerned about our impact on waste materials and where we can be more creative in the resources used to package and present.