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Chakra Cleansing Stick

Chakra Cleansing Stick

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Herbal smoke cleansing is a sacred Indigenous practice whereby dried herbs are ignited then blown out to create a cleansing plume of smoke. This ancient purification ritual should be used with the utmost respect, dignity and intention. It is meant to cleanse and renew the mind, body and spirit. It can also purify the space we're in, our aura, and those who share space with us. It is meant to connect us to all living beings, including Mama Gaia and the sacred plant, sage medicine.

Also known as 'Smudging', we can introduce this ritual before and after intentional practices like meditation, reiki and even seemingly small practices like journaling.

All of the herbs are cultivated locally in Ontario, Canada and are grown in an organic pesticide/herbicide-free farm.This sage is not as tightly bundled as most people are accustomed to; this allows for quicker burning. When the sage is burnt, it produces a herb scent that removes the toxic energy from your personal environment. Please note, this is not the sage originating from California USA.


100% Soy Wax. High Quality Fragrance Oils. Cotton, unleaded wicks.

Care information

Did you know candle wax has memory? When you first light your candle, ensure it is lit long enough for the melted wax to reach the outter edge of the jar circumference. DO NOT burn any candle for more than 3 hours. DO NOT leave your candle lit unattended. Always trim your wick to 1/4 inch before you light again. This ensures a clean, long-lasting burn.

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