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Lunar Love Candle Co.

Full Moon

Full Moon

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Full Moon

*Labels are being updated - they may look slightly different than the ones pictured here*

The lunar phase in which the moon appears fully illuminated from earth's perspective.

The full moon is a time to forgive, release and let go of anything or anyone that no longer serves our highest purpose. It is a time of reflection and renewal as you consider the limiting beliefs, stories and experiences that keep you tethered to, and living in the past.

Prompts for this lunation are: What no longer serves me? What am I grateful for? What have I learned through this experience? How can I rise above?

Fragrance Notes: Sweet Peppermint

Crystal: Please note crystals may vary depending on inventory. We will always use our intuition to guide us as to which crystals will aid in release, renewal and reflection.


Soy wax generally burns 5-7 hours per oz for smaller vessels and 3-5 hours per oz for larger vessels. 6oz 30-42 hours | 16 oz 60 - 80 hours

Candle Burning Tips

  • Each candle is made with 100% pure soy wax, which means each top may look slightly different (texture, flakes).
  • Soy wax burns at a lower temperature and may take more time to notice the scent. Please be patient and enjoy the pleasant aroma.
  • Ensure your first burn melts the wax pool to the outer edge of the vessel, this ensures a clean and consistent burn.

As always - burn responsibility, extinguish carefully and enjoy!



100% Soy Wax. High Quality Fragrance Oils. Cotton, unleaded wicks.

Care information

Did you know candle wax has memory? When you first light your candle, ensure it is lit long enough for the melted wax to reach the outter edge of the jar circumference. DO NOT burn any candle for more than 3 hours. DO NOT leave your candle lit unattended. Always trim your wick to 1/4 inch before you light again. This ensures a clean, long-lasting burn.

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