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Cotton 3x5" pouch with mini selenite wand, agate, moonstone, rose quartz and clear quarts - the moon love crystal set by Lunar Love Candle Co.
Moon Love Crystal Set
Moon Love Crystal Set

Moon Love Crystal Set

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This 5 piece crystal set is the perfect companion for crystal newbies or crystal lovers. It includes: 

  • 100% cotton pouch
  • Mini selenite wand - pure white spiritual light, said to connect yourself to your highest self and wisdom and cleanse and purify any space of negative energies.
  • Agate - enhances mental function, concentration, and transmutes tension.
  • Clear quartz - enhances psychic abilities and harmonizes all 7 chakras.
  • Moonstone - a calming stone that reminds us to take a pause and look at the moon. Promotes inner growth and intuition.
  • Rose Quartz - the ultimate stone of self-love, intuition, healing and purifies the heart chakra.

All crystals have been hand selected and will vary from pouch to pouch. Because these are natural specimen, each stone has a unique colour, tone, shape and size.